Sunyard S330 is a distinguished coutertop payment terminal with ergonomic design, enhanced functionality and superior performance. Containing a thermal printer, high speed modem and LAN with an option to integrate with GPRS/ CDMA module, S330 accepts transactions of magnetic stripe card, IC card and aslo contactless card (optional). Compliant to EMV2000, PCI, S330 adopts 3DES encryption, DUKPT key management and Master / Session to guarantee security and reliance for acquirers, merchants and cardholders.

S330 is a classic payment terminal with all functions needed by countertop application for debit, credit, gift, loyalty and other type of value-added transactions.


  • Compact, slim design
  • Build-in protection function; support multi-type encryption algorythms
  • PCI, EMV compliant
  • Modem, LAN with optional GRPS/ CDMA
  • Mag stripe card, IC card, contactless card
  • USB (optional), RS232 interface
  • Backlit LCD display


  • Bank & Acquirer
  • Retail & Merchant
  • Supermarket
  • Electronic transaction
  • Restaurant
  • Ticketing office

POS S330 Spec